May 16



I stand on the precipice of catastrophe and miracle, embracing truth and lie, naked and WITHOUT flesh.  A singular question sears my chimera: will I sacrifice myself, unconditionally, passionately, and  compromise, in the name of all of the Gods, to dive through the ocean in your eyes into the vast emptiness inside you, and search for YOU?


And so I abandon myself to the will of all that is, as I manifest that very will itself.


Apr 16

Deeper than breath

She looked down and smiled, “…but don’t you love her?”

“I do.”

“Then what’s stopping you?” She whispered as she looked directly into my eyes with a soft glance grazed by the edge of her hijab.  “She’s an extraordinary soul.”

“I know…”

Jan 16


For all you mavens out there, shall we design an OASIS or a Square, or a Dot in the middle of the sentence, or better yet, a whisper rolling over moss-covered memories of tomorrow?

Shall we mourn the infinite before our birth? whence we came from? the loss of an infinite past like faded photon graphs oscillating between yes and no, as duality and monistic interplay in a heady dance that plays with conscious manifestation?

Let us give brith to a new paradigm, as harbingers of crystal children, at the dawn of a new era.

The Square:



Oct 15

To Scale

The only way to see the truth is to engage.
Shift your perspective to see our civilization in its proper scale…


Sep 15

Blood Moon


As the World watches the night sky on this
the 27th day of September Two Thousand and Fifteen,
I recommend you take a glance downward:

On the advent of the 4th Blood Moon, the leaders of
Russia, China and Vatican have come to the US to…

Let us embrace that which is and that which will be.

In light and in dark, from duality is birthed the next duality.