Jul 15


The afternoon commute started with a light drizzle as the satellite news-brief announced the White House had capitulated over Iran nuclear deal, the ramification of which would spawn a nuclear arms race in the region, instead of paving the road to peace… I switched the station, only to hear of a video of a Planned Parenthood Director talking about crushing fetuses in specific parts of the their little bodies to spare valuable organs available for sale, all the while as she sipped blood red wine and ate salad at a restaurant. While disturbed by the story, I received alerts on my phone from DoS and ISAF regarding a massive bomb explosion in Kabul, hitting an international convoy and killing many civilians. My mind raced to our team in-country… And as if that were not enough, the Prince had just left me a voicemail expressing his disappointment and deep sadness over failure of mission in the region.  He had hoped that a momentous  shift had come at long last, but alas... I pulled my car over to the shoulder and let the drizzle blur the massive river of taillights stagnant on the main artery as the city exhaled its tired currency for the day. “Breathe Alexander, just breathe… You have a promise to keep,” I reminded myself. I looked at the stream of souls encapsulated in their bubbles of technology rolling unconsciously along I-495 South in myriad states through their matrix of being. Tomorrow was another day, jam-packed with back-to-back meetings around the city with Government and security firms, contractors and developers, all fabricating buildings and nations, churning the engines of our world, and concocting our built reality… So I breathed, and joined the stream of taillights. I had barely opened their front door as he approached me with the warm smile of a child, “I knew it was you!” I smiled back and gave him and his brother the Pokémon cards in my hand. No sooner had I delivered my promise that from my left flank the four-year-old wolf-girl jumped in my arms and peered into my eyes with her grey wolf eyes. Before I could glance away, the little wolf-girl had brought a bottle of fingernail color and was painting my nails blue, one finger at a time, with each finger, making the world go away… As I listened to their mum, the blue elf fairy, while she crafted an intoxicating dish of raw amanita ceviche infused with fresh cilantro and sweet potato still perfumed with earth, I realized… -Alex

Jun 15

Le Monde

...a song for wolf girl. [audio m4a="http://www.radiantdaggers.com/wp-content/uploads/02-Le-Monde.m4a"][/audio]   -X

Jun 15

For You

Years ago I fell in love with this song... I now dedicate it to you.

It is a prayer, greater than a prayer, greater than a dervish dance...more than Rumi’s words, this pours bittersweet wine por voce...if you drink it it will burn you and turn you into flames; if you understand it, it will transform you and you will find yourself far away, in the “Middle of The World” exactly where you are, but no longer there... -I

Como É Grande O Meu Amor Por Você

Eu tenho tanto pra lhe falar Mas com palavras não sei dizer Como é grande o meu amor por você E não ha nada pra comparar Para poder lhe explicar Como é grande o meu amor por você Nem mesmo o céu, nem as estrelas Nem mesmo o mar e o infinito Não é maior que o meu amor, nem mais bonito Me desespero a procurar Alguma forma de lhe falar Como é grande o meu amor por você Nunca se esqueça nem um segundo Que eu tenho o amor maior do mundo Como é grande o meu amor por você Mas como é grande o meu amor por você

May 15


wallpapers-for-gt-sacred-geometry-iphone-wallpaper-sacred-geometry-wallpaper-wallpapers-heart-iphone-hd-desktop-seven-foundry-reich   Inside the temple, with his helmet in his left hand, and his right hand on the hilt of an inverted broadsword, he was bathed in shafts of light streaming through stained glass oculai painting his cape with deep crimson. He whispered in words audible to the ten thousand witnesses, "forgive me Father for I have sinned...and on my knees have I come to you, in search of what I have lost when I was born in duality's dance...".

The word religare means to bind, or relink to the source whence we came, and make conscious the connection between mortal coil and divine infinite; and in conscious bind thus make choice and so action in aligned purpose.

On a recent trip to Kabul while the city bristled on the brink of war, I came across a number of seekers, all of whom had come to country to quench their thirst, each in his or her own way unknowingly searching to connect with the memories of their fathers, and through that connection gain salvation, redemption and release...

But it did not matter whether they were seeking in Kabul, Kalahari, or Kuala Lumpur, nor even Kansas; and it did not matter whether they whirled, prostrated, or levitated...for the one quest defined them all.

"Why are you here?" I would ask.

"To solve this, to help that, or to give there...," would be the varied answers masking the one quest, in search of the elemental archetype.

While the mother nourishes the body, father nourishes the soul, as has been the case from dawn of time, in flux of strife and harmony between soul tethered to body, in pursuit of sight beyond the many-faced maya.


Apr 15

The hour is long…

...and the night is young. Do you remember what's been lost in the fog of time?  You sense it, but do you really know what you've lost? I remember driving through mountain passes in the back seat of my dad's car imagining an endless world, made of dreams and giants, and empires; of sleeping buddhas, and burnt castles; of blue kites fluttering in the wind tethered to hope... And so with this, my dear, I once again will answer your question...with a question. Do YOU know why are you here?  What brings you to this place if not what you seek in yourself... Will you flinch, will you not rise? Will the sacred inspire you, or the mundane tie you?  What of your wings...your graceful flight... Will you take a leap of faith with me? to where the world ends? to the edge of things? -Iliad https://youtu.be/T5Xl0Qry-hA ...never give up. https://youtu.be/aLe9OjU-nvM