Oct 15

To Scale

The only way to see the truth is to engage. Shift your perspective to see our civilization in its proper scale... Scale

Sep 15

Blood Moon

blood-moon As the World watches the night sky on this the 27th day of September Two Thousand and Fifteen, I recommend you take a glance downward: On the advent of the 4th Blood Moon, the leaders of Russia, China and Vatican have come to the US to... Let us embrace that which is and that which will be. In light and in dark, from duality is birthed the next duality. -Alex

Sep 15


Hello... Are you there, still dreaming of a world filled with light, or have you receded into the shadows once more, lulled by the bosom of mundane?

Hello... My dear, are your wings stretched wide, catching wind, gliding through gale and across vale?

Do you paint with your actions a legacy of beauty and color?  This is the one chance, the only chance you will ever have...

Hello, my old dream, are you still burning as a pulsar, nay, as a quasar, wrapped in mortal coil, brighter than any...embracing dark and light.

Sing a song of ages sang as ode to the bittersweet sanguine chalice, pour me another glass, Rumi...



Sep 15

Three stories

Here are the stories you were asking for...  I hope you enjoy them, I hope they open new doors to new worlds...

Sep 15


Dear Father, If you can read this, these my words, which I write, fully aware that you are present, then I want you to know that I have not forgotten, that I thank you for affirming, and guiding me still through this turbulence... That you have been here, gently through these years of struggle, liberating me of my chains, ripping my flesh off bondage, wrapped as I am in mortal coil and my matrix of material. But thanking you is not enough, it's misplaced.  In the midst of an infinite ocean you have managed to make contact, repeatedly, reached out across dimensions, to speak to me; and for that I am humbled, touched, speechless. So tonight, I walk away from this illusion, and walk through these castle walls, into a starry night, carrying the banner of promises. Mounted on a steed named faith, armed with this radiant dagger and a shield of honor, and with an army of princes and generals and a thousand bright souls I march onward keeping that one promise...I understand. There is no other place, no other excuse, no tomorrow, no yesterday, no doubt. "The Tree is upside down and has fallen off its leaves."  While I'm still trying to solve this riddle of yours, I will not abandon the mission at hand. Yours Always...across worlds and dimensions and lives. -I