Für Milly

Beneath the ravaged moon

We speak and we swoon

And spill blood

Not an hour too soon


When morning sun rapes dawn

And day’s illusion drapes her gown

We rip and we brood

Like the smile of a tortured clown


My beloved, come thee hither

Partake of lavender’s heather

Behold Satan’s brood

Rip the fetid whelp asunder


Drink to your death

With every dying breath

Where once you stood

There shall rise a new birth


Life, it’s but a passage

A father, but a faded vestige

Don thee thy prayer’s hood

And in sacrament thy fears assuage


Flesh is not the sinew of thy love

Sublime indeed is the raven dove

When this you have understood

Grace will adorn you from below and from above


A child is father to the man

The man is bound to his son

On a cross fashioned from Ash wood

Is emblazoned the risen Sun


So break bread and be free

Drink my blood, don’t you see?

There’s neither bad, nor is there good

Only my reflection on a placid crimson sea

-Iliad Alexander Terra

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