Ohm’s Love = R’

Backdrop for Ohm's Episode Volume the Q

Ohm’s law states that V = IxR, where V is voltage, I is Current and R is Resistance.

If we further define Voltage as Potential, then we derive that Potential = IxR.

Thus, given a constant Current or I, we discover that the higher the value of Resistance, the greater the Potential.

Conversely, in order to achieve a higher Currency value, we must reduce Resistance, since I = V/R

What then is the relevance of Ohm’s Law to the individual and the social fabric?

Our lives have quantifiable Potential determined by the value of our Labor x Time.

Since electrical current flows through our bodies, supported by a constant cycle of consumption and exhaustion, we can identify each individual human as a dynamic energy unit, no different than a battery cell.

Thus the Potential of our lives flows at maximum value when resistance is at minimum.

This dynamic synergy with universal syntax, or union with divinity, is the optimum objective of inherent process.

However, as all natural resources are mined, a subversive and sinister mechanism has been devised to cultivate and harness the power of human potential.

This mechanism is the monetary currency, an abstract sleight of hand that has been exchanged for the value of human energy.

Thus, Currency will flow at maximum where Human Value or Potential is met with the least Resistance:  I = V/R.

This would still be in synergistic harmony were it not for one simple question:

Who controls Currency?

If Labor Resists who stands to lose?  The Currency masters do!

Now, in order for the Human unit to present the minimum value of resistance it must be programmed, pacified, educated and conditioned to offer the least resistance.

Should it still resist, it will be deemed unproductive and exterminated.  Thus, the objective of Currency masters is to utilize regulators and transformers to reduce and remove Resistance to the flow of Currency.  This will be achieved by force or by deception.

In synopsis:

Human + Being or Human (Hu) + Being (infinite or 8) = Hu8 = Infinitely flowing Potential Energy.

Therefore I = V/R

Where I = Currency

And V = Hu8 or Energy

And R’ = Revolution or Radiance or choice, impediment to the optimum flow of the masters’ Currency.

The new paradigm:  Radiance or R’ = VR/I

-Iliad Alexander Terra

The Q set for the Ohm Episode

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