Jun 10

Why I write


Why is a word the reason for which is purely absurd.

At the precipice of love I must abandon all words for they fail me,

I must abandon all symbols for they delude me,

Even sounds distort the current,

Beautiful deformations in the fabric of non-being,


And so I write…with words that dissolve, and terghan sehue fot rapinfol gentat


Jun 10

oil spill

All this talk about the oil spill has me going round and round in a dill…

Normal is the new formal state-sponsored circus from hell…  love it or shove it!

So what do you know about deep earth tissue mining?

So what do you know about deep-core drilling?

So… what do you know about the hollow earth theory?

Oh wait, weren’t you the one who condemned Copernicus for the round earth theory?

I see…

So what do you know about compression gravity?


I get it, you’d rather believe Rachel Maddow and Chris Mathew denounce any divergent theory with their snickers… and the world is all well, yeah?

Just peachy old chap!

It’s what BP says right?  Their masters?  The master-makers? Huh?

You have full confidence in their story don’t you?  Poor babe – here’s a nipple…

Anything I say is a conspiracy theory right?  Your perfect world is in capable hands and I’m just a tinfoil – oh cut your predictable retorts – be original for a sec will ya?

In the meantime, no problem, just go fill that tank of yours at the next BP station and think nothing of it — hypocritical schizophrenic fool.

Remember when British Petroleum changed their logo to the green lotus burst? Remember how Al Gore sponsored BP as the green company in a green world?  Full of green bucks… LoL

So what do you know about HAARP warfare? and…

What do you know about subsurface portals?  No? – you’d rather believe in Santa Clause? Silly old confused bat.

Oh yeah, there’s this little hiccup called the 2012 paradigm shift, but you don’t care about that do you?  You get freaked out! I forget.

You’d rather watch the talking heads talk you to stupor…

yeah yeah go get fat n’ happy, and grow more fatuous.

Wanna know more?  The real deal?

purrrrrr  / grrrrrrr  — um tell ya laterrrrrrr


Jun 10

yellow dress

oh how cute… lol ok i’ll try not to!  :p ur making me laugh.

But you’re right — I’m about to break free though…

Oh and… intellect is over-rated. Physical prowess and intellectual prowess are best utilized by a heartless motherland — an abstract deformed parasitic symbol, heartless and devoid of the capacity to love — can the state love?

What is supreme and cosmic and inherent is a clear soul — it supersede intellect — the ancients are well aware of that — the battles in this world are not over energy nor land, but over logos…, the dialectic of duality versus monism.

Love reigns supreme, and I just kissed you — did you feel it?

Anyhow the whole damn thing revolves around the struggle to understand, so it’s quite apropos that we’re getting drunk standingunder a bridge ;)

yellow dress blowing in the wind on a blue summer day as she walks through narrow streets of an island village

Jun 10

a message…

Parsifal a vaincu les Filles, leur gentil
Babil et la luxure amusante – et sa pente
Vers la Chair de garçon vierge que cela tente
D’aimer les seins légers et ce gentil babil;

Il vaincu la Femme belle, au cœur subtil,
Étalant ses bras frais et sa gorge excitante;
Il a vaincu l’Enfer et rentre sous sa tente
Avec un lourd trophée à son bras puéril,

Avec la lance qui perça le Flanc suprême!
Il a guéri le roi, le voici roi lui-même,
Et prêtre du très saint Trésor essentiel.

En robe d’or il adore, gloire et symbole,
Le vase pur où resplendit le Sang réel.
– Et, ô ces voix d’enfants chantant dans la coupole!

– Paul Verlaine

Jun 10

Wounded Deer

Lord, I bow before thy grace…

Speak to me of subtle hues,

Let me your countenance trace…

For indeed, and in heed, thy message

in earnest, I embrace.

This morning, once again you spoke to me

and with tears, I write back to thee…

-Iliad Alexander Terra