Jul 10

Twisted Bullet – part 2


“Who are… you… ?”

The man sees his own reflection approach him, manifested from the coalescing syntax of matter and antimatter, there in his own likeness standing before him.

“You sound just like him – stop playing with me!”

“I am him,” the reflection replies. “ I am you and you are him; you are me and I you.”

The holographic projection reflecting itself in the quantum paradigm stands face to face with itself.  Only one reflection is holding a revolver with two bullets remaining in the cylinder.

“I’m through with this game,” says the man.  “I’ve come to end this, now!”

He raises the revolver and points it at his reflection’s head, pulls the trigger and fires.

The discharge from the muzzle illuminates the black void like a birthing nebula with a massive big bang.  The universe is reborn.  The man…

…Finds himself on the floor next to the street bench.  His chest hurts.  He looks down and finds himself in a pool of blood.

“Here, let me help you…”

“Just answer my question.  Please, I beg of you.”

“Choose…  the beauty of choice…  it’s music to my being, it’s elegance… and grace.  Make the right choice and you will be your own answer…  or make the wrong choice, and still be your own answer.”

He hands him a rosenkreuz and a hakenkruis, “Take special care, …you have only one bullet remaining.”

-Iliad Alexander Terra

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Jul 10

Twisted Bullet – part 1

It’s 0100 hours.

The planet is in cycle, orbiting its stellar node.

Local Coordinates:

Latitude: 38° 53′ North
Longitude: 77° 02′ West

A man walks beneath the mercury vapor street lamp, past a street bench just north of the Mass Avenue intersection from his house.

The weather is cool on this early July night –  gentle breeze, low humidity…

He takes off his hat, returns to the bench, and sits down.

“It’s a good night to die.”

“Your job is not yet done.  Get up!”

“I can’t,” says the man.

He takes the revolver from his pocket.  There are exactly 3 rounds in the cylinder.

“You cannot quit!”

“You did not answer my question.  You failed me.”  He is crying, tears pouring down his chin, “you did not…”

The enormity of the moment has him pinned down between his past and his present without a future to set him free.  The pain bears down his chest like a nail on a wound.

He had done the unspeakable, he had done what was not asked of him, only he had not finished the job.  There were consequences to be had.

“I can’t let you go!”

“I no longer need you to frighten me.  Goodbye, or should I thank you and say…see you soon.”

He places the muzzle to his chest and blows his heart out.   His body collapses.

A moment later:

“…Let me see you, for once… for once,  just this once!”

He is startled – all around him darkness prevails, the stars are crisp, no Earth in sight…   Yet no sign of him.

“Hello?  HELLO?!”

He hears repeated echoes of his own voice.  …and again, and… again…