Jul 10

Brubank haha! ;)

Need I say more?

Let’s have a big old bonfire

And have, um,  s’mores?

What a silly old bore…

Jul 10


Yes yes,

We’re moving from the 12th

To the 13th.

Don’t ask, I won’t tell…

No, reiki and qigong

Are only part… stepping stones…

Here’s why…

Only true death, diving through the subconscious unto the unconscious while fully conscious,

A quantum leap,

Right through the outer chakras, will suffice.

The path of the warrior is brilliant, radiant, like a dagger buried deep in the snow,

Cutting along the axial shift…

Slicing the advent of Aquarius…

We shall raise an army of light to wage the epic battle.

…Or is it Ophiucus…