Jul 10

Q 12+1

Information architecture in the 13th evolutionary shift will and must take into account conscious string theory.

Quantum leap is the next voyage of faith.

The journey is now within the self, the infinite quantum self…

Shall we begin?

Duality has now effectively become outmoded…

The new operating platforms are based on multiplicity of paradigms

A unified multiplicity of meta morality is about to occur.

Jul 10

Streams of Consciousness



I awoke

To a summer’s night,



That the day

Was gone.

I looked up

And the sky

Was filled

With a thousand



Spoke a jewel

As they coalesced

To reveal

Your face.

And so I reached up

And grabbed

Your brilliance,

Drank your truth.

But it was a lie.

It was the

Space between

That mattered.

It was what was

Not said

That defined you.

So I closed my eyes

And went back

To sleep

Where the day’s


Filled me with want.

I celebrated

Your dance

Of life

And death,

And the trajectory

Of your action

Through the sinews

Of the hanging


Hecatomb of desire,

Torn asunder

As you dart through

The branches

Of Yggdrasil.

Pure stream

Of conscious

Light filaments.

I look past

Your flesh

To the visage

Of your passion,

To the countenance

Of your actions.