Jul 10

Quantum Architecture

adapted from the poster for "Inception"

In 1943 Ayn Rand wrote The Fountainhead. Incidentally, Ayn was born in 1905 in St. Petersburg to a bourgeois family — an irrelevant piece of information?  Perhaps.

Ayn also founded the Ayn Rand Institute, which impacted social dynamics in this country, as well as globally, with noted current leaders raised under her influence.

The ideas discussed in The Fountainhead, as embodied in its leading character, John Galt, are still relevant to the core of architectural principles, perhaps even more so today than in the 1950’s.

Atelier 8 is pleased to launch Quantum Architecture, a blend of Ayn’s ideas mixed with Jeffersonian and Masonic principles, but with a Quantum understanding of the underlying implications, laced with anticipation of new emergent paradigms.

I’m further pleased to write this blog, immensely inspired by Valya, a uniquely brilliant and dear friend, also from Russia, although born to royal bloodline, and bred to refinement…um another piece of insignificant detail?  Perhaps not…

So Bryan calls me around 1700 hrs:  “Iliad, it’s gotta be — it hit me last night — it’s gotta be about an ‘architecture with purpose’…  just throwing it out there for you.”

“Thanks B!”

Here it goes:

Quantum Architecture

What is Quantum Architecture?

It’s architecture for new consciousness,

Architecture that embraces a non-hierarchical social structure, yet is responsive to currency control and management of said structures.

It’s design for new fluid spatial dynamics.

It’s design for new social paradigms based on multiplicity of nodal points in 3rd and 4th dimensional matrices, and beyond.

And it’s about designs that construct with the latest material syntax, fully cognizant of molecular relevance of matter in the design of space and form.

Quantum Architecture harnesses the power of thought,

And designs structures that are conduits of energy, symbiotically sympathetic exoskeletal projections of thought.

It’s architecture that regards buildings as integrated and dynamic social machines,

And designs organic structures that become extensions of the occupant organism, responsive and “Intelligent” partners in living patterns.

We have for a long while been building broken castles in the sky with old adages:  form follows function…  but what is function?  a singular static purpose? or a pluralistic language of purposes?

The political and moral fabrics of yesteryear are ripping at the seams, and their sponsoring patterns are failing to answer current needs.

It’s time to embrace a new language.  And so these are the underlying ideas that will generate our new urban and civil forms.

Atelier 8’s Delta-3, a visionary group of three knights, will act as vanguard of this new direction in design and integrated social systems.

I’m truly delighted that the Delta-3 has been brought together by a quantum leap of faith…

-Iliad Alexander Terra

Jul 10

Torch Bearer

I was in the process of typing my previous blog when I noticed him standing in front of my table.

“Namaste,” he said while bowing with a hint of smile.

“Oh, hey, how are you doing?”

“Not bad… Kinda going through a crisis…”

“Why, what’s happened?”

“…No, nothing, it’s just that I’m tired of this service industry – I mean it pays good, but…  Look, I give this guy a massage, been doing it for nearly 16 years… not complaining, as it pays well, but…  It’s not hitting me anymore… I need more…”

“You’re going through the next phase man, time to go deeper…”


“Well, you know last weekend was the convergence of the first wave, right?”  I interjected.


“Well?  Have you thought about “Soul Massage”? – the name just came to me…  I mean what could be more evolutionary than preparing the energy signature of beings toward a balanced passage – there’s no alternate route.”

He took a step back, with goosebumps visible on his arms, “I just had a dream about something like this the other night!”

“It’s yours…  Make it your brand,  my humble gift to you,” I smiled, certain of the clarity and integrity of message.

We chatted for a bit longer, and took leave of each other, both of us feeling one small step brighter…

I hope Socrates will take the torch and ignite souls along the way…


Jul 10

Currency Exchange

currency valuation

A challenge.

Will you accept?

Here it goes:

I look past your flesh

I seek your radiant soul
It compels me

Your race
Your gender
Your class
Your superfluous beliefs
They’re all meaningless

If you were to erase the color of your skin
The place of your birth
The content of you wealth
The basket of beliefs you fell into.
What will you be?

If I were to peel the onion’s layers
One after the other
Will I find your radiant beauty at the center?

Will you glow?

Or will I find a tortured chimera?