Bombastic vs. Inceptive warfare

The reason we have such bombastic chatter is, well, because nuclear armaments have now become obsolete vis-a-vis the more powerful “green” warfare devices.


these rivals have alternated violent attacks with bombastic speeches pompous, blustering, turgid, verbose, orotund, high-flown, high-sounding, overwrought, pretentious, ostentatious, grandiloquent; informal highfalutin, puffed up; rare fustian.



Perhaps the next phase of weapon systems will utilize dream state architecture and dream cities and dream spaces — destruction of flesh-based delusions is perhaps a thing of the past now… so let’s see what sort of Russian spices we can bring to the dinner gala…



Oh, and so I’ve started my summer reading…  Ayn and Blavatsky and of course Nabokov

Regarding Speak Memory, I have a tale to tell by summer’s end…

-Ilya Alexander Terra

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