Jul 10

A letter to a Genreal

I decided to take a break from writing

So I’ll write you a poem.

Now, I have been listening to this song on a loop for the past three hours as I sit here writing a letter to a General.

In the letter I’m asking the General to join the revolution and hold the Gadsden high, soaring point guard before his mighty army.

He shall receive my missive by moon’s adieu.

For you see, don’t you?

Danny Doyle ran through heather’s dew

And spied on Liberty dressing anew.

Now close your eyes darling, and walk with me, won’t you?

Don’t you see? Or you do?

Liberty dancing her black Irish jig

With her alabaster beauty

And her red auburn hair

Burning in the hearts of your men with daring-do.

-Iliad Alexander Terra