Jarring Loner?

Oh boy, here we go again with the triple names!  …another “Lee” — how I shudder at the formulaic pattern of phenomena.  Spiral vibrations coming full circle once more…

If you need further clues, read Shutter Island — do it!  And think of instruments of deployment!


Then ask yourself why is this man happy?

I suspect it has to do with a reflection.  Don’t you think?

A reflection of what has become of America, a nation looking at itself and seeing a jarring and contradictory image in the grips of absurd insanity and expansive trauma.

I further suspect that this is a watershed moment and a turning tide, a portentous epicenter with deepening aftershocks to come.

This man’s smile is a wound in the psyche of a nation groping in the dark, lying to itself; and unless we redirect the trajectory, I’m afraid it bodes ill for some time to come.

The airwaves are replete with deep outcries, finger-pointing, and blind panic; yet there is a tincture of self-awareness as if we’re caught in a dream, sleepwalking on the edge of a precipice and seeing that same precipice in the dream…

But the epic tragedy is that a nine-year-old child was slain!  Despite mass media’s focus elsewhere, the child’s death is the REAL story for a nation that has forgotten what it means to principally care for children.

While every action has consequence and every word has resonance, seldom do we note that every non-action is a void, a deafening cry in absence.

And so my heartfelt prayers for the safe journey of Christina Taylor-Green, and all children worldwide who fall voiceless through the looking glass…

Look deep no matter how hard it hurts,

Safe passage wherever you are.


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