Mar 11


Architects are sexy…   :)

um, here’s a cool ad about architects!  sigh, if only…

Wanna read more?  ok then read!

Mar 11


1800 hours:

I’m with Piers Morgan and his producer.   Alyssa Milano will join in a bit.  And by 2100 hrs Fergie will ring in!  Fun Fun.

So they’re prepping for the “Wedding”, yeah?   …and Piers will be the Brit doing the announcing for CNN. Ha!  figures — formulaic — brilliant — over-saturated!  Aaargh — turn off the tele already!

Jonathan to Piers: “You know Iliad was born same day as you?”
Piers: “No, I didn’t know…, really?!”
Iliad: “Yes, well… did you know we are about to conquer the world?”
Piers: “How?”
Iliad: “Uranus has just entered the house of Mars — it’s a formidable conjunction — and will remain there for 8 years.”
Piers: “Which means I will retire after 8 years with CNN?”
Jonathan: “There you go, I was right to sign you on!” Laughs.
Iliad smiles and looks away…

*Chuckles*, the two of them were panicking cause there ain’t now real News today — subtext: good-natured scavengers starving — why?

WHY?  Just check out NORTH FACE, the Nazi-era film about climbing the Eiger, and you will know what I mean?  K?   Got it?  Thought so!

So ok, check this out — CNN? they’re sooooo huge on Twitter, but the dang thing has only 2% market penetration — they are pushhhhing it hard — the Networks, well MMS, are trying to redefine themselves — it’s a missed mark though, I know it…  It will be all about Cloud Aggregation in reality – Quanta News Network — Murdock is not gonna control it, neither is Soros for that matter.  In the next phase of the Fourth Estate — Ok so all this will impact us exactly how? Well.. the Funny Bro’s need to be twittered!

Gotta go, Piers is here — we’re going to 801 Mount Vernon Place — tonight is gonna be huge in a dud sort of way…lol @/


Mar 11

Didn’t Anyone Tell You?

I’m heartbroken…  A friend sent me this video…….  A snake-oil sales pitch to lead the masses astray!

“We” pioneers, we artists, we creators do not need a tribe to belong to!  The Will of God is our comfort, the Grace of Universe our home, the Vibration of stars our harmony.

We radiate with light and paint with shadow to illustrate the countenance of the infinite…

Our very nature searches the boundaries in the folds of logos.  But we don’t revolt, we don’t “destruct” society.  We break and build Society, it’s a marriage, ultimately a womb for the individual… a crucible for the conception and nurturing of Radiant Souls…

We conserve and lead; we recognize that all man-made orders ARE natural, there is no divide between Man and Nature, between Individual and State.

Rise, and own this world, its sorrows, its wars, its beauty, its pain, its potential…  Rise and lead — each and everyone of you, in every gesture, has the potential to see the eternal grace and the blessing of the neutrinos passing through your RNA.

This video is pure hypnotic poison:  a new Class Warfare?  a new divide?!  forget gender, race, color of your skin, now we DIVIDE along “hardwired Brain Code?”

The video is dangerously misguided, full of well-spoken lies, engaged in silver-tongued theft, and it confounds and contradicts the clarity it espouses…  Be careful!

Didn’t anyone tell you:  the Universe is Infinite, has no origin, has always been, and has no substrate…

You, each and everyone of you, heroic, disciplined, restrained, impulsive, passionate, reasonable, intuitive…, in your society, in your solitude, you, each one of you, is the guardian of the flame…. as well as the shadow — There is no us and them!


Mar 11

Passing through the Slit

Well, I thought I drop a line as I pass through,

And share with you a thing or two.

I was talking to Angelica and so she told me about the Adult Development theory, Robert Kegan’s work…

And then I met Lisa.  We chatted about planetary alignment, especially the Aries-Uranus conjunction — well all that stuff, the Mayans — wait why is Obama visiting the Mayan ruins?!  Silly me… as if I needed a clue!

So as if, like check this out, flaring up…, all things with much ado…

Plain will never be the same… as it passes through the slit it becomes a wave… I thought you knew!

The captive beast that broke the chain… of illusion that is, that’s true!

For you see, a plane is a vibratory wave, and the human interface a fractal node in a multidimensional matrix…

Got it?  Don’t be blue…

So here are a couple other things Lisa and Angelica and I talked about:

Robert Anton

Ken Wilber – who by the way is Morpheus in the Matrix trilogy – duh?!

Lisa said: “Read read read the Celestine Prophecy” — here go the Mayans again!!!  Aaaargh why is he visiting the ruins smack dab in the middle of the epicenter of chaos-harmony?!  Don’t get it — or actually, I do, I do get it!  Only too well…

Well, my heart goes to “someone” in Tokyo…  Mount Fuji in a Tsunami — an ancient print foretelling of that Island’s fate…

And Australia and the Middle East and oh my…  brace yourselves, the portal is becoming visible… bit by bit.

Well, I’ll leave you with something nice, something hopeful, something that will make you walk through walls…

Oh, I almost forgot:

Love and peace and war and all just for you…


Mar 11

Quantum Architecture

I grabbed a table by the window and waited for her at Panera, the one next to AFI.

As usual she came on time.  And as usual she greeted me with her signature hearty embrace.

“You look good,” I responded.

Late-morning sun was burning highlights on her blond hair, and painting liquid sparkles on her blue-grey eyes like dancing catch-lights, “thanks, so do you.”

We ordered black tea with honey and milk, and a couple of lightly warmed buttered croissants, and began to catch up with the past two months…

“…Look, we’ve got to give them something tangible, something to sink their teeth in,” I insisted.

“It’s all there, everything is spelled out on the website –

“It’s not concrete enough!  We need to address the bottom line – no more visions and promises.  There is a tremendous opportunity to write the next chapter for the profession as it redefines itself, don’t you think?”

“I don’t think they will understand; you don’t see the responses I get, it’s brutal,” she recounted.  Her pupils were constricted in the bright light.  There was something fierce and kind about her at the same time.

“You can’t let it faze you K, they will always be there.  They operate in fear, and will tear at anything they don’t understand.”  I took a bite off the croissant, and watched the swirl of milk slowly settle in the deep burgundy-brown tea.

“You know,” I continued, “I imagine this as a loose-nit flotilla of highly skilled and gifted designers and architects forming a nebulous sort of company or team, sharing resources and pooling talent, to form a formidable and competitive presence acting as a vanguard…”

“Iliad, you’re being idealistic.  They will not understand this.  I can’t get them to sign on to a free franchise without calling me a fraud, and you expect them to see an empowering fraternity?   Sorry to disappoint you…”

I actually felt the pang of disappointment for a brief second.

I picked up a pen and drew the flotilla on paper, comprised of individual firms and architects.  I then drew a circle along the whole group.

“Here!  And this circle has a direction, actually multiple directions.  One is long-term vision, the other short-term project-specific directions.”

“One of those static balls –

“Exactly! And the client touches the ball to define a tailored path dynamically produced by the intra-cloud matrix of TA energy!”  I had become ecstatic, almost quixotic in my excitement imagining a profitable and dynamically responsive team of creators working toward a better world…

‘Um, back to Earth?” she tethered me.  “But don’t you think the circle around the cloud is a contradiction?”

“Yes of course, but we have to brand it, define it, somehow, so that a sense of identity is created and preserved; and we have to monetize it – remember the bottom line bit?”

“I think the next chapter will be what I’ve dubbed as Quantum Architecture,” I continued.  “Everything is possible, the infinite combination of possibilities, the probability law of String Theory, it’s the next collective evolutionary phase, when we build post-flood floating cities in the age of Aquarius…

She laughed and reached for my sketchpad and wrote down the title of a book.

“This reminds me of  ‘Illusions, the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah’.”  She passed the pad back to me.  “You have to read it.”

Our conversation drifted for the remainder of the tea to far-fetched realms, some esoteric, some pragmatic, but mostly we drifted deeper into cloud aggregation and enlightened cognitive Dis-Order.

-Iliad Terra