Didn’t Anyone Tell You?

I’m heartbroken…  A friend sent me this video…….  A snake-oil sales pitch to lead the masses astray!

“We” pioneers, we artists, we creators do not need a tribe to belong to!  The Will of God is our comfort, the Grace of Universe our home, the Vibration of stars our harmony.

We radiate with light and paint with shadow to illustrate the countenance of the infinite…

Our very nature searches the boundaries in the folds of logos.  But we don’t revolt, we don’t “destruct” society.  We break and build Society, it’s a marriage, ultimately a womb for the individual… a crucible for the conception and nurturing of Radiant Souls…

We conserve and lead; we recognize that all man-made orders ARE natural, there is no divide between Man and Nature, between Individual and State.

Rise, and own this world, its sorrows, its wars, its beauty, its pain, its potential…  Rise and lead — each and everyone of you, in every gesture, has the potential to see the eternal grace and the blessing of the neutrinos passing through your RNA.

This video is pure hypnotic poison:  a new Class Warfare?  a new divide?!  forget gender, race, color of your skin, now we DIVIDE along “hardwired Brain Code?”

The video is dangerously misguided, full of well-spoken lies, engaged in silver-tongued theft, and it confounds and contradicts the clarity it espouses…  Be careful!

Didn’t anyone tell you:  the Universe is Infinite, has no origin, has always been, and has no substrate…

You, each and everyone of you, heroic, disciplined, restrained, impulsive, passionate, reasonable, intuitive…, in your society, in your solitude, you, each one of you, is the guardian of the flame…. as well as the shadow — There is no us and them!


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