Aug 13

We’re not winners :-(

“We’re not winners :-(”

“Aww, sorry Luv.”

“Don’t throw away your ticket.  I don’t think u die but u might get a lesser prize.  Will figure out tomorrow.  Yeah, disappointing but all good.  I’ve wasted a lot more than $8 on other dumb stuff.  Guess we’re back to earning our keep around here.”

“We will always earn our keep.  Hope is eternal…  No easy fix soldier — die?”

“Yeah no real shortcuts.  Hell, we were talking of taking winnings and putting them into a startup!  Spider die?  Huh?”

“Soldier.  Not Spider.  You said die!”

She pulls out the revolver and looks at him, “This?”

“What is that?  What are you doing?”

“Makes more sense that you are calling me a soldier.”

“Put the gun down.  Tomorrow is another day.”

She curled up in a corner, still clutching the gun.  A distant glaze had now coated her eyes.

“This, this is bullshit.  State sponsored delusion, thousands of us, millions of us, crammed for a bit of hope.  What has become of us, our values, what we are worth.  I can’t bear it any longer, I can’t stand it.”

I reached out to touch her, but her skin had grown cold, her fear had congealed around her heart and her body feared death — she was in command and had abandoned her flesh.

“So… what will we do now without hope?” I tried to engage her in conversation.

Something shifted in her eyes.  “We always have hope because we have faith in ourselves and each other?”  She asked without expecting an answer.

I smiled, “come here…”  All I could do is embrace her fragile strength.  “That’s the spirit, that’s my soldier girl.”

“Have we stained the mission for trying?”

“Yes, but dust off, tomorrow is another day…”