Dec 16


Dearest Makeba,

You are absolutely magnificent in every aspect a human being can be, someone that is an excellent friend and a fantastic lover, someone that is trustworthy and honest, attractive and absolutely gorgeous, with beauty that radiates like the moon.

Dear Makeba you are a person that is unselfish and understanding, someone that may get lost in the darkness, but only long enough to bring in the light, someone that has the ability to soothe and calm a person in distress, someone that deserves everything she desires without second thoughts, you deserve the best of the best and nothing less.

You are a unique and incredibly special, someone that cannot be found anywhere else and no one can mimic.”


“Ooohe” Makeba ma qué bella, Can i get a ” oohe ”
Makeba, Makes my body dance for you,


I want to hear your breath just next to my soul,
I want to feel oppress without any rest,
I want to see you sing, i want to seeyou fight,
Because you are the real beauty of human right,


Nobody can beat the Mama Africa,
You follow the beat that she’s going to give you,
Only her smile can all make it go,
The sufferation of a thousand more,