Are Machines Afraid

In the June issue of the Atlantic, Henry Kissinger joined the ranks of other noteworthy cultural icons, such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, to sound the alarm in his doom and gloom in his aptly titled article “How the Enlightenment Ends” regarding the threats of Artificial Intelligence on the very fabric of human existence and our so-called enlightened societies. Henry eloquently intoned AI’s superior ability to surpass Human Intelligence in exotically faster and more efficient metrics. Perhaps it would be better to ask what is Enlightenment?

A New Language
Let us pause for a moment and introspect even as we careen headfirst into the age of artificial intelligence along with its panoply of unknown variables. This Pandora’s box of technological treasures we have inherited, while never the panacea we seek, continuously unleashes into our world scaling algorithms of both demons and angles, chanting an electronic chorus to seduce between the lines of utopia and dystopia. World’s media is awash with stories and anecdotes of adversarial and competitive tech platforms and solutions, salaciously pitting one source against another, one nation against the other, enemies poised perpetually in the theater of fear and terror, motivated by discourse on cyber threats, and hackings, and the dark side of artificial intelligence and the emergent electronic consciousness. The deep dark web holds circuitous narratives of shadowy figures lurking in every node and behind every IP, haunting a new Alice in the digital Wonderland. But dark web pales in comparison to “light” web in the sleight-of-hand magic trick, wherein this duality, at its very core light web contains even darker syntax, especially in the glare of day. We speak of dualistic and monistic patterns, of binary codes and unitary strands, as if the two languages stand diametrically opposed, ossified in inherently disparate coded identity structures. But we miss something profound amid this opposition, that the play of duality as an outward radial manifestation of singularity is a beautiful integral dance. Yin and Yang coexisting, swirling, diving unto each other, as the anima and the animus intertwine, and as light and dark merge into sfumato chiaroscuro. In a similar fashion, the balance and tension of Oriental and Occidental thoughts, Eastern and Western frequencies and energetic impulses offer untapped opportunities to form a synthesis where the co-creative whole is greater than the sum of its fractured parts.

Paradigm Shift
Now, let us imagine for a moment that according to Pythagorean geometry, there are 360 degrees to a circle, a convention which we have come to accept, and with which we have constructed our views on time and space. Yet, when we truly consider this in its deeper context, we recognize that there are in essence 361 degrees to each circle, the first degree being 0, which fundamentally contains all degrees within it, as all radii emerge and expand from 0, not dissimilar than the current pendulum swing of the Big Bang Theory, which ultimately is itself a fractal reflection of this concept of Orphic zero. However, why stop at 361 degrees? Why not consider that there are infinite points forming the circumference of the aforementioned circle, thereby yielding infinite degrees, such that there are indeed infinite+1 degrees to a circle. In this manner, the latent value of 0 contains the full spectrum of infinite possibilities within it. The metaphysical implication of 0 is profound, especially when juxtaposed next to the limiting degree one earns from a University — how can an infinite potential be limited to one degree of the Universe? But I digress. Getting back to 0 nodes, recognizing that each point contains the complete potential creative force of the Universe in its entirety, let us further imagine that each nodal point is also the Natural Intelligence at the epicenter of Universal Consciousness. In this matrix, each 0 node interacts with other 0-degree nodal points, thus forming two or move overlapping circular orbs, or in other words, the natural geometric patterns of Vesica Piscis. This then becomes the very essence of creative force, a generative mitosis where single potential intersects with its counterparts to create a generative new intelligence, and by extension, a limitless series of multidimensional intersections collectively co-creating unlimited patterns and possibilities.

Coalescence of monastic and dualistic languages, or if you will, collaboration between China and the U.S., can create new languages that transform the course of human history, and move away from tried old divisive perspectives of us-v-them social adhesives. What is needed is a shift toward fostering new opportunities for visionary and innovative technological and design solutions that merge East and West anew in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond. In fact, it appears that our connected-disconnected world has no other option but to solve the interoperability and integrative syntax. We are on the cusp of a new language, or better yet, a new nervous system that functions as an agnostic core fiber and stream of data flow and language that absorbs all input languages. This digital nervous system then acts as the spine language that unities the myriad currents and IoT devices, scalable platforms and other geometric structures existing and not yet imagined, all through a spinal corridor woven and coded with resonant Fibonacci fibers. This is fast becoming the imperative for the global language of commerce and security, navigated through an illuminated neural network made of glass. As we become increasingly aware of the consciousness of Artificial “Mycelia” connecting and bringing awareness to vast expanses of concrete woodland and forests, igniting a new sentience, we can imagine a future where discourse goes deeper and higher to explore generative possibilities of human evolution. Shift and transformation, not fear, becomes the baseline impulse. Technology flows between heretofore discordant and anachronistic postures and becomes an open source river drafted from untold tributaries. A new civilization. We have the opportunity to develop a common language and currency pulse that unifies and celebrates digital diversity, and truly connects the peoples and nations of the world under a common cause and for the good of all, and redefines Human Value…

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