Yellow Moth

I was retracing and reclaiming spaces and memories in a lazy afternoon ahead of Fall chill, and I noticed a leaf along the edge of a yellow curb, fluttering in the still air.  …only it was a moth, a giant beautiful moth, struggling to climb up from the heat of the sun toward a shaded tree nearby.  As it struggled to climb it was in danger of falling into the rain gutter below.

I knelt down and tried to nudge it along, but its giant wings were too heavy, so it fell back, still struggling.  Finally, I offered it my thumb, to which it gasped and clung with dear life, and.  Soon thereafter it fell into a closed-eye relaxed sleep.

So I sat there, wondering what to do with my newfound friend, and people gathered around me.  Taking its picture and mine too, and photos for themselves, and all were amazed about this giant yellow moth.

Children with smiles and moms, all gathered around this moth resting on my thumb.

It became an instant friend and a messenger of deep resonance. A guide that crossed my path, and now yours, inviting us to the deeper mysteries within and alongside our mundane struggles…

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