Jul 10

A letter to a Genreal

I decided to take a break from writing

So I’ll write you a poem.

Now, I have been listening to this song on a loop for the past three hours as I sit here writing a letter to a General.

In the letter I’m asking the General to join the revolution and hold the Gadsden high, soaring point guard before his mighty army.

He shall receive my missive by moon’s adieu.

For you see, don’t you?

Danny Doyle ran through heather’s dew

And spied on Liberty dressing anew.

Now close your eyes darling, and walk with me, won’t you?

Don’t you see? Or you do?

Liberty dancing her black Irish jig

With her alabaster beauty

And her red auburn hair

Burning in the hearts of your men with daring-do.

-Iliad Alexander Terra

Jul 10

An Architect’s Secret Handshake Wish

Folks, I just couldn’t help myself…

We architects tend to be pompous at times… but really, we’re mostly a helpless lot at best.  So what do we do?

We set out to transform the world to suit our lofty ambitions… oh how delightful now, the hapless world attends our divine benevolence!

I just produced a short video to help…well, Transform Architecture, right after launching Quantum Architecture under the umbrella of Masonic sponsorship, literally to found a new Utopic era!



Jul 10

Knights in White Satin


Yesterday I screamed at God.

I screamed at him with rage and told him he had failed.

“You call this creation?”  I screamed.  “You call yourself a God – how dare you?  You have created a mess – I hold you directly accountable for all of this!



I stand before you as your creation yet I SHALL create YOU in turn anew  – Speak to me and do NOT hide behind your 7th seal!”

I was screaming from the depth of my lungs, such that my voice had become hoarse.

My son and I were driving to a gathering of three Knights.

He was in the back seat, watching me intently.  I turned around and looked at him, and saw a trace of empowered smile on his face…

As I turned back to watch the road, I noticed that the sky had turned color.

Ferocious folds of clouds were churning into a knot, and a blue-green acid hue was shining through the plume columns that were rapidly gaining mass – CRACK! and thunder broke and let loose a torrent of rain and wind that drowned everything in sight.  In an instant the pleasant afternoon had turned into a blind and submerged fury.

We were going west into the storm;  it ROARED from the depths of its vortex.

By the time we had arrived at our destination, it had stopped raining.

I couldn’t help but feel as though we were somehow baptized. I felt a calm cleansing effect…

The storm had left massive destruction in its wake.



Tonight… as the storm’s aftermath still reigns darkness across Potomac I cannot help but remember what happened earlier this morning when I took a morsel of food from my own empty and broken plate and gave it to a man who has been for many years now Laughing Out Loud while tears roll down his one eye, a trapped child’s tears…  I hope I’ve lit a candle in his blind eye…


So you can imagine my amazement when Bryan sent me this video from his blog about an hour ago.

He had meant it as testament to overcoming obstacles in life…

However, for me, it speaks about the beauty of lighting candles and empowering souls, seeing the magnificence of human potential…  And leading toward a vision where beauty paints the world fresh every moment… about giving hope…


Tomorrow we three “Knights in White Satin” will meet an Army General to avow our allegiance in defense of Freedom.  We will light candles and ideas that will help transform nights.

As we go forth, I am further assured of the mission’s clarity as a result of the blessing and anointment we received when we passed through the heart of the storm…


“Perhaps you responded to  my scream…  Perhaps you returned my call… You’ve done this before, you’ve spoken to me before, only I have little faith in our dialogue it seems.  Once again I’m touched, and moved by the simple clarity of your message.  Thank you…”


-Iliad A. Terra


Jul 10

Quantum Architecture

adapted from the poster for "Inception"

In 1943 Ayn Rand wrote The Fountainhead. Incidentally, Ayn was born in 1905 in St. Petersburg to a bourgeois family — an irrelevant piece of information?  Perhaps.

Ayn also founded the Ayn Rand Institute, which impacted social dynamics in this country, as well as globally, with noted current leaders raised under her influence.

The ideas discussed in The Fountainhead, as embodied in its leading character, John Galt, are still relevant to the core of architectural principles, perhaps even more so today than in the 1950’s.

Atelier 8 is pleased to launch Quantum Architecture, a blend of Ayn’s ideas mixed with Jeffersonian and Masonic principles, but with a Quantum understanding of the underlying implications, laced with anticipation of new emergent paradigms.

I’m further pleased to write this blog, immensely inspired by Valya, a uniquely brilliant and dear friend, also from Russia, although born to royal bloodline, and bred to refinement…um another piece of insignificant detail?  Perhaps not…

So Bryan calls me around 1700 hrs:  “Iliad, it’s gotta be — it hit me last night — it’s gotta be about an ‘architecture with purpose’…  just throwing it out there for you.”

“Thanks B!”

Here it goes:

Quantum Architecture

What is Quantum Architecture?

It’s architecture for new consciousness,

Architecture that embraces a non-hierarchical social structure, yet is responsive to currency control and management of said structures.

It’s design for new fluid spatial dynamics.

It’s design for new social paradigms based on multiplicity of nodal points in 3rd and 4th dimensional matrices, and beyond.

And it’s about designs that construct with the latest material syntax, fully cognizant of molecular relevance of matter in the design of space and form.

Quantum Architecture harnesses the power of thought,

And designs structures that are conduits of energy, symbiotically sympathetic exoskeletal projections of thought.

It’s architecture that regards buildings as integrated and dynamic social machines,

And designs organic structures that become extensions of the occupant organism, responsive and “Intelligent” partners in living patterns.

We have for a long while been building broken castles in the sky with old adages:  form follows function…  but what is function?  a singular static purpose? or a pluralistic language of purposes?

The political and moral fabrics of yesteryear are ripping at the seams, and their sponsoring patterns are failing to answer current needs.

It’s time to embrace a new language.  And so these are the underlying ideas that will generate our new urban and civil forms.

Atelier 8’s Delta-3, a visionary group of three knights, will act as vanguard of this new direction in design and integrated social systems.

I’m truly delighted that the Delta-3 has been brought together by a quantum leap of faith…

-Iliad Alexander Terra

Jul 10

Q 12+1

Information architecture in the 13th evolutionary shift will and must take into account conscious string theory.

Quantum leap is the next voyage of faith.

The journey is now within the self, the infinite quantum self…

Shall we begin?

Duality has now effectively become outmoded…

The new operating platforms are based on multiplicity of paradigms

A unified multiplicity of meta morality is about to occur.