Feb 11


Whatever… so here we go again right?  1967!  what a truly magical year — it just keeps popping up everywhere…  a very numerologically significant year and oh by the way…

OK so all that aside, what tickles me is Andy — check him out!

He just sold for $17.5m.

Andy's self portrait! hmmm, click to read more

Well anyhow, just loaned a couple of my pieces to a Dupont Circle gallery.

You should check them out, eh.

Give us your support and help me launch a solo show in Fall — I have new paintings coming that will peel the skin off your flesh…


Jan 11


Well, I thought I’d finally launch this.

Watch for amazing things to come sure to blow your mind off, things like Sarah charging ahead against the Brits, and the 2012 chronicles, and lots and lots of hot babes saving the world with beauty and grace and all things that make women so adorable to us men…  Oh and fast cool cars and tattoos, and rantings and ravings and erotica from Kyoto, metaphysics from Dubai, Zen and Colts from southern Utah, and a film shot in Darwin, California.  Maybe a redhead from Erfurt, and a blighted Ring…  A free-for-all of thought designed to dig deep and wide past the fluff down to raw meat and bone.

We might chase a beggar in Kabul, and dance with a priestess in Kumasi, read tattered pages of John Locke and de Tocqueville, and fall in love with Eric Cartman — a lovable evil plush toy, and trace out HAARP patterns along dead bird routes and dig beneath DEN en route from DCA to HRW.  There’s so much you know, so very much to touch on, and so little time — want a hot dog with your mustard…  Oh and let’s not forget the adventures of Pussy and Dog as they battle for Union, battle indeed, old as any tell-tale tail on a posh night of Cocktail.

…And now and then I’ll throw in a few items worth Conserving cause we’ve worked hard to build a legacy lest we destroy it now that we’re on the very brink of the portal.  And of course, we’ll bash them cause it’s just so much fun and, well… high time we did.

Let’s face it, folks, the true aristocracy is the artist class, not the peasantry, the villains and the vulgar spewing from the vomitorium.  The poet-warrior must draw the battle lines, no holds barred, come as it may…

The adventure begins…


Jan 11

Well…, on January first 2011 at 11:11 hrs I decided to release a small little gesture into the collective unconscious…

Now I’m sure the world will go on as it always has, and  folks will scurry about in their absurd delusion of self-importance, but somewhere along the way, somewhere hidden, there will be a ripple, a spark, a change in the fold of the tapestry and the face of things will be revealed…  No?  Then do go on for all is well in the State of Denmark old friend.


Afghan girl offering a sacrifice

Oct 10

sun-bleached bones


Someone recently asked me to highlight my favorite designer…

There is one designer, in particular, I thought of…  And I don’t intend to sound esoteric, but he does truly amazing work!

I often stand in awe of his work.  And of course, I see all designs as the revelation of his masterwork.

Celebrated designs like Calatrava’s skeletons and Ando’s zen thoughts in concrete are simply derivatives of this master designer’s original creations.

I’m particularly interested in his subtle quantum shapes and perhaps invisible formless architecture…  But I guess if we have to inhabit “physical” form then we shall play the physical game a while longer.  However, can you imagine an architecture of faith that leaps beyond our perception, designs that engage in pure conversation with him?

If we imagine our lives to be as fluid droplets in a river, then pray tell, what archetypal form would we be housed in?  Faith?  Perhaps a quantum leap of faith into an evolved form conversant with the Divine.

…Just look at a roadkill.  Intestines and other forms spilled along the roadside while cars pass by.  We can imagine at one time that very form housed a single fluid drop of spirit in its precise design, until the form and its function leaped across an asphalt road and — BAM!

There it lies now… Bones are revealed as white sun-bleached structure.

It’s in this manner that we are given such buildings as designed by Calatrava, and other cathedrals, to worship in and capture that moment when dimensions intersect in poignant prayer.

Anyhow, it might be expedient to celebrate icons, but to think contrary to the status quo, to go deeper into perception is indeed a painful act.  However, for some of us in this fluid river, there is no alternative…

Roadkill at WTC, conducting the currency of souls in a subtle act of prayer, Charon at NYC’s subterranean waterway…


Aug 10

Love Your Enemy


“Walk with me.”

“I can’t.”


“You are beyond my reach.”

“I am you!”

“I can’t.”

“Listen, I want you to listen carefully now.  They…are you, a part of you.  Your torturers are you.  He who murders you is none other than your own will made manifest, and God’s will executed.  How else do you wish to exit?”

“I don’t understand!  Make them stop!”

“Take a deep breath…  I’m with you!  They’re torturing you; I can feel your agony.

But I ask you to turn your other cheek.  Bless them.  Love them as they pierce your flesh with their probes, as they lacerate you…  Embrace them as they insult you.  Savor them as they devour you…”

“I cannot!  What you’re asking of me goes against everything I hold to be true.  I am mortal, and frightened, and feel pain –“

“And feel love… Let go of this illusion of duality, it no longer makes any sense.

You’re being silent…

All I’m asking you is to…love your enemy with all your heart and embrace him even as he mortally betrays you.

Remember, two become one to make three.  Conception bears witness to epic metamorphosis culminating to death from the womb, birthed into material world, and eventually through the tomb where birthed yet again.”

“What about love?  Shouldn’t I have regret for lost love?”

“It’s written in your destiny.  Love is the highest achievement of your will.

Love… It’s eternal, never lost.”

-Iliad Terra