Jun 15

For You

Years ago I fell in love with this song…
I now dedicate it to you.

It is a prayer, greater than a prayer, greater than a dervish dance…more than Rumi’s words, this pours bittersweet wine por voce…if you drink it it will burn you and turn you into flames; if you understand it, it will transform you and you will find yourself far away, in the “Middle of The World” exactly where you are, but no longer there…


Como É Grande O Meu Amor Por Você

Eu tenho tanto pra lhe falar
Mas com palavras não sei dizer
Como é grande o meu amor por você

E não ha nada pra comparar
Para poder lhe explicar
Como é grande o meu amor por você

Nem mesmo o céu, nem as estrelas
Nem mesmo o mar e o infinito
Não é maior que o meu amor, nem mais bonito

Me desespero a procurar
Alguma forma de lhe falar
Como é grande o meu amor por você

Nunca se esqueça nem um segundo
Que eu tenho o amor maior do mundo
Como é grande o meu amor por você

Mas como é grande o meu amor por você

Jan 14

I’ll get the tickets

I remember…

The fragility of life,
The moment he died,
I didn’t know what death could do,
How it would turn animated flesh into dust.

I watched his breath escape him.

I watched my father die in my arms with one wish,
To go to Santorini with me before he passed.
He never made it.

So I went after he passed away,

And got up early one morning with camera in hand to capture sun rays
Emerging through passing clouds after rainfall across a timeless island.

So much has changed since then.

So if you want to go,
If you want to catch rays of light
and paint with them infinite possibilities,
I’m ready.

Enjoy this moment through my eyes,


Santorini, After the Rain

Santorini, After the Rain

Jan 14


Oh goodness, my Goddess!

Of course it was intended for you, even if I had not intended it for you, LoL.

Are you not the governess of a chariot, and I your passenger?  So fasten the straps and let us ride, shall we?

Our Quantum Quest still Quietly Quivers since that Quintessential moment when we discovered Q in Central Park, in search of Faust’s love, through the poem you read riding in the back of a yellow cab…  Tell me, how was Germania?  Have I pulled a golden arrow from my Quiver?  Shhh!

Yes, but still to this day revelations deeper than you recognize haunt my thoughts…

For you see, years ago while in undergrad studio, on a rainy afternoon I was mourning Penthesila’s death by Exekias; and I fell asleep reading of that tragic moment, and had three strange dreams.

In each dream a word, three words in all, was revealed to me:  Soho, Latigo, and Apobathos – Apobathos?!

I searched all these years to find the meaning of the third word to solve the riddle in my dreams, but to no avail.

But finally, last night, quietly and unceremoniously the riddle was crystallized.  It occurred to me that the Apobathos I was searching was in fact Apobates.  And the random words came together:

Latigo, Apobates, Soho!

So Goddess, Your Grace, I will ride on your chariot to my conQuest of the Grail, if so it pleases thee…

Where shall we meet?  By water’s edge, of course!  Why water? Nay, not for fertility, but for the fertile unconscious, for water and watery depths carry the substrate of conscious act on oceans teaming with unconscious portent.




Aug 13


She:  “I was thinking more about this…”

He:  “Very true, indeed… our conversation on this is extremely telling — you and I have a long-standing discussion, I’m well aware.  Agape, philos, eros… but no, in some ways it’s always the other way around, and that’s one thing that many forget… But perhaps not Meaghan.  Eros, Philos, Agape — Meaghan’s story already has become a trilogy, just because you asked the right question — but of course I already knew that, right?  That’s what her mother taught her, the depths of love.  Book one, Meaghan indulges in eros, book two in philos with David, and book three, after David is killed, agape is woven in the fabric of q…

This is the core of the story, and follows the same trilogy both as Ashleigh’s Vengeance, which in turn was derived from Shift, a story that follows the same path as Memoirs…

— It just occurred to me that I have been wanting to tell this one story — this formulaic pattern of all rhythms, waves and oscillations between desire and cresting, and then ebbing and subsiding to reveal the sublime, and then rise of desire again, on and on until stasis is reached and harmony is achieved in pure agape transcendence.

Meaghan is now truly our protagonist — I personally cannot get away from myself and my mission to tell this story. This is then Melusine, and she slams against the walls of my consciousness until I acknowledge her, until I understand…  What epic myths dwell in our thoughts.  My dear Ahab…”


Aug 13

Smile across deserts of red sand

Sometimes we circle back and find lost treasures…
Tonight, I realized how much I missed her.

I was close to finding her, and then I walked away,
I walked away to come the a firefight,
I walked away because I lacked vision.

Yet, still, across oceans,
Across deserts,
I can still bask in the warmth of her smile…

So I dust off an old video I made in the hopes of rekindling the journey,

It’s still not lost…