Jul 10


Today I sat with my Zen Master.

He told me a thing or two or three…

And then I got up,

And I wrote this blog.


Oh, I though I’d share this with you,

It all began here, not so very long ago…


Jul 10

Dr. Groovefinger

D asked if I had any thoughts about his new name.  Well…

…Sounds like an ebony Casanova with a shiny velvet suit sliding up to a well-endowed bosomy woman to make her swoon…

“Allow me to introduce myself,”  he low-growls with a hint of smile as he takes her gloved hand and brings it to his whiskered lips, his eyes twinkling with the prospect of the hunt.  ‘Close the deal, always close…’ he thinks to himself while still holding her gaze.  His one mantra, his desperate fear behind his carefully crafted veneer.

Dr. Groovefinger, we used to call him and recounted his adventures about making all the local tavern women swoon; he was a relic of a bygone era, stuck in the 80’s when the going was good, trapped between boomers and the Xs, and hopelessly fallen in the crack gutter of time.

But you gotta give it to him for his epic quixotic effort to find that Dulciana of his, that elusive Beatrice…  Dr. Groovefnger…

I wonder what happened to him.  Last I remember was Joe talking about him, seen him there in the corner of 14th and R streets, with a bottle wrapped in a bag, still wearing his Crown Royal velvet jacket, stumbling along…casting an insignificant shadow along the trash-strewn sidewalk past the abandoned parking lot overgrown with weeds and bramble.

No one has seen him since… but we still think of him now and then, especially when I rummage through the old lady Epstein’s yard sales.  She’s been offing her 60’s junk for years now on the pretense that she needs money for her operation, same tune for two years now, but no operation… But I can’t help it, I keep going through her junk, hoping to find something…  Hoping to be reminded of Groovefinger, imitation gold musty album cover containing a scratchy old LP.  I finally fork out the 25 cents and buy it….

You can barely make it out through the heavy and deep gouges and scratches and the pasted dust over the years packed in the grooves.

“Well, hel-scratch there…schhhhhtshhh-to introduce my s-cr-elf… (beat)  they call me Dr. Groovefinger…”  The jazz begins.

-Iliad Alexander Terra

May 10

Ohm’s Love = R’

Backdrop for Ohm's Episode Volume the Q

Ohm’s law states that V = IxR, where V is voltage, I is Current and R is Resistance.

If we further define Voltage as Potential, then we derive that Potential = IxR.

Thus, given a constant Current or I, we discover that the higher the value of Resistance, the greater the Potential.

Conversely, in order to achieve a higher Currency value, we must reduce Resistance, since I = V/R

What then is the relevance of Ohm’s Law to the individual and the social fabric?

Our lives have quantifiable Potential determined by the value of our Labor x Time.

Since electrical current flows through our bodies, supported by a constant cycle of consumption and exhaustion, we can identify each individual human as a dynamic energy unit, no different than a battery cell.

Thus the Potential of our lives flows at maximum value when resistance is at minimum.

This dynamic synergy with universal syntax, or union with divinity, is the optimum objective of inherent process.

However, as all natural resources are mined, a subversive and sinister mechanism has been devised to cultivate and harness the power of human potential.

This mechanism is the monetary currency, an abstract sleight of hand that has been exchanged for the value of human energy.

Thus, Currency will flow at maximum where Human Value or Potential is met with the least Resistance:  I = V/R.

This would still be in synergistic harmony were it not for one simple question:

Who controls Currency?

If Labor Resists who stands to lose?  The Currency masters do!

Now, in order for the Human unit to present the minimum value of resistance it must be programmed, pacified, educated and conditioned to offer the least resistance.

Should it still resist, it will be deemed unproductive and exterminated.  Thus, the objective of Currency masters is to utilize regulators and transformers to reduce and remove Resistance to the flow of Currency.  This will be achieved by force or by deception.

In synopsis:

Human + Being or Human (Hu) + Being (infinite or 8) = Hu8 = Infinitely flowing Potential Energy.

Therefore I = V/R

Where I = Currency

And V = Hu8 or Energy

And R’ = Revolution or Radiance or choice, impediment to the optimum flow of the masters’ Currency.

The new paradigm:  Radiance or R’ = VR/I

-Iliad Alexander Terra

The Q set for the Ohm Episode

Apr 10

Für Milly

Beneath the ravaged moon

We speak and we swoon

And spill blood

Not an hour too soon


When morning sun rapes dawn

And day’s illusion drapes her gown

We rip and we brood

Like the smile of a tortured clown


My beloved, come thee hither

Partake of lavender’s heather

Behold Satan’s brood

Rip the fetid whelp asunder


Drink to your death

With every dying breath

Where once you stood

There shall rise a new birth


Life, it’s but a passage

A father, but a faded vestige

Don thee thy prayer’s hood

And in sacrament thy fears assuage


Flesh is not the sinew of thy love

Sublime indeed is the raven dove

When this you have understood

Grace will adorn you from below and from above


A child is father to the man

The man is bound to his son

On a cross fashioned from Ash wood

Is emblazoned the risen Sun


So break bread and be free

Drink my blood, don’t you see?

There’s neither bad, nor is there good

Only my reflection on a placid crimson sea

-Iliad Alexander Terra

Apr 10

the Q

theQ ambient (right-click and open in a new window)

Ladies and Gents,

In the year 2012 the world will come to an end;

Only the mighty of heart will survive;

Only the clear of sight will prevail;

The battle is afoot.

The Quantum 2012 chronicle has begun its selection of leadership.

Following are a few of the agents contending…

We wish them luck,

Each and every one a brilliant soul…

-Iliad Alexander Terra