Dec 09

Wounded Stag – what ails you?

The sky was cloudy, casting a diffused gray pallor across the woodland.

I walked amid the silent trees, the sound of dry leaves beneath my feet…

I had taken a moment to meditate,

And wander through the frozen lyrics and melodies of wintry branches.

And so I started to take these pictures…

Soon I had entered a trance, the act of seeing had fully absorbed me.

I was no longer thought,

I no longer felt separate from my environment…

That’s when he appeared,

In my frame, looking directly at me.

His regal antlers poised,

His eyes penetrating, looking at me,

Watching me as I was watching him.

We stood there, two souls intertwined perchance

Or per dialogue…

He didn’t run away,

He walked slowly, a wounded messenger…

And I followed.




Nov 09

Spear Wound


Fisher King, Cormac McCarthy's arrow symbolism

We’re hunkered down here, trying to fend off darkness.

Yet it encroaches, indomitably, pulling its shroud over our day…

We’re blinded with fear, our God has been crucified, stabbed with a spear, mortally wounded.

Shall we ask him: What Ails You my King?

Yet no one ever asks.

And so our Sun bleeds at the edge of the world, a crimson farewell, as he enters the underworld,

And enters stage left the queen of night, dark-veiled and cold…


In the heart of darkness, in the bitter cold, we find revelation scripted in light, the radiant decree of heavens writ with starry bright.

And so we wait for the resurrection of our Sun King, the rebirth of our Corn God, once more, spear in hand, dagger poised, ready to stab him and send him off to his sacrificial journey, yet again.

I will eat of your body, and drink of your blood! I will kill you! I love you so…

Nothing new under the sun,

Nothing but the cycle anew!

Every story is of me and you,

Every story adieu…



Find the arrow on The Road

Jul 09

Partner in Crime…

am I afraid?

am I afraid?

Liquid blue, if it were true, would absolve and renew,

But alas, no such baptism this time…

Only dark burgundy shall mark where we embark

And drip from the sinews of our lust,

From tomorrow to eternal past…

-Iliad Alexander Terra

Jul 09


“I’ve gained the world but I’ve lost my soul…
Maybe it’s cause I’m getting old.
All the people that I know
Have gained the world and lost their souls”


The current flows across the surface of the planet,
Transferred through sparks ignited by the coupling of energies;
And a layer of life engulfs the world as a vaporous crust
Aglow with potential,
Crackling as a Meta-Being, animated by the collective unconscious.

Yet, indivisible life, encased in flesh, consuming flesh,
Aspires to actualize a singular objective…
To be liberated from flesh.

To be birthed through Death.

As fortunes would not have it,
The Predator, the consumer of light, however,
Is on the prowl,
Snatching precious souls, the sublime nectar of light
Conspired to be by the very Will of wills,
From the depth of shadow.

And so … we’re given an inconspicuous spec to behold
As evidence of our insignificant significance,
A charade and a tragic mockery at best in the least…

Woe is us, the Moon Landing Conspiring Theorists,
Eternally searching for an embracing brace
To comfort us in its glory…and truth.

-Iliad Alexander Terra

Purported Moon Landing Site, still grainy in a shot taken on July 2009

Purported Moon Landing Site, still grainy in a shot taken on July 2009

Jul 09

Nymph in Germania

Starring as Ashleigh...


…not far from the Black Forest… I chanced upon a nymph…

Her gaze beckoned a hundred silent tremors from a distant lore,

Stefania learning to swim in the subconscious ore…