Aug 17



I dream of you
Through aether and vapour
Past wisps of cumulus castles
Floating in indigo heavens

I touch your hands
Reaching for mine
Sweet sacred verse
A prayer in dream

Dream unto flesh
And whisper I love you
With breath of ages
To come…


Mar 17


“Darling love…”

Quantum stirs from her slumber wrapped in white silk fur.  She adjusts her eyes to find the blue Fairy standing above her, silhouetted in the glow of new morning’s sun shafting through the openings of her tent walls.

“Your time shall come,” the Fairy continues in whispered spell.  “Outside of birth and death I invoke all that is to be, sweet Quantum; and the Gods of yore and those that will come anew will hear and heed thy battle cry.”

Fairy reaches down and caresses Quantum’s raven hair as the young princess closes her eyes and lays her head back to sleep.  A feather from her right wing falls to the floor next to Quantum’s head as the Fairy spreads her wings to take flight…

Read…,” she whispers one last word.

Feb 14

Little Specs of Delight


All across the land fall little specs of white,

Hush my darlings, hush into the night.

Little jewels cover dreams of kindled lights,

Aglow in every child’s heart is something bright.

“Hush my darlings”, whisper Little Specs of Delight,

As they fall into the night…


Dedicated to two little boys…

Aug 13


She:  “I was thinking more about this…”

He:  “Very true, indeed… our conversation on this is extremely telling — you and I have a long-standing discussion, I’m well aware.  Agape, philos, eros… but no, in some ways it’s always the other way around, and that’s one thing that many forget… But perhaps not Meaghan.  Eros, Philos, Agape — Meaghan’s story already has become a trilogy, just because you asked the right question — but of course I already knew that, right?  That’s what her mother taught her, the depths of love.  Book one, Meaghan indulges in eros, book two in philos with David, and book three, after David is killed, agape is woven in the fabric of q…

This is the core of the story, and follows the same trilogy both as Ashleigh’s Vengeance, which in turn was derived from Shift, a story that follows the same path as Memoirs…

— It just occurred to me that I have been wanting to tell this one story — this formulaic pattern of all rhythms, waves and oscillations between desire and cresting, and then ebbing and subsiding to reveal the sublime, and then rise of desire again, on and on until stasis is reached and harmony is achieved in pure agape transcendence.

Meaghan is now truly our protagonist — I personally cannot get away from myself and my mission to tell this story. This is then Melusine, and she slams against the walls of my consciousness until I acknowledge her, until I understand…  What epic myths dwell in our thoughts.  My dear Ahab…”


Feb 11

Dreaming Girl

girl dreaming on a river of blood

Here’s a clue… somewhere in Dupont Circle:

You can find her sleeping on a river of blood,
Dreaming perchance of the coming flood.

If indeed you spy her, do let me know,
And I’ll invite you to the everlasting show.