Sep 10

Twisted Coil

Oh really?
You are going through with it?
You are going to investigate the paradigm shift?
You are going to penetrate through the axiom syntax and eradicate the mortal coil synergy extant pretext portent?
You are not so!

…Then who?  You are?
You are going to prevent me?
You are going to stop the eventide of fates?
You are going to unleash the fury of illusory deities concocted by your own deception just so that the fabric of your logos remains intact regardless of its ludicrous absurdity?
That’s twisted…
I know…


Sep 10

A Prayer in DeepNacht



Fortenbraw dost hein fergose nacht sheol tolk

Feign trauph naught lei nein solken begat

Keindlerlorgin sluetmein Hanz

Eerinin roltan lei

Nein kloften braw.

Hein sholt regatin,

Bewolfen tau

Freulin tau

Lein hail martem begatts woben gtotten frau


Thine path hast beneath his mercy trotten

Kindred folk come hither and join

As cavalry of knights

March to battle’s fury


For ‘tis such… quel est votre dernier mot?

Il est juste la mercen kroften

Il est le Waheb-el-Hemat

Il est…



Aug 10

the color of letters



My father was dying…
He had returned after twenty-five years from Japan, to die at home.
On his deathbed he had one request from me:
“Be gentle with my friend in Tokyo…,” as he scribbled her name with teary eyes.

I hadn’t heard about this friend previously.
In fact I had not heard much about my father’s life while growing up.
I grew up imagining the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, separating me from my father.
I grew up learning the meaning of infinite void while I searched for a father’s love…

After his death,
I took the scribbled name he had written with his trembling hands,
And resolved to find her.
I flew to Tokyo.

Upon arrival at Narita Airport I found myself in a sea of Kanji and Hiragana
And quickly learned to swim to a hidden out-of-the-way rinjin.
There, I found a weathered wooden gate wounding a white-washed wall,
And rang the doorbell.

4:00 PM, no one was home, I thought, and was about to leave
When I heard wooden clogs shuffle along hard pavement behind the door.
My breath caught. I stopped, and turned back around,
And stared at the door with all my strength.

The door opened with a soft wooden whisper,
And revealed a beautiful woman with onyx eyes and graying hair.
She looked at me bewildered, not a word passing her lips,
And collapsed in my arms.

We spent the days visiting tea houses,
And looking at ancient koi,
And watching raindrops splatter on lotus leaves,
Until it was time to leave.

“Here, all this is yours.  Take it all, I have no need for anything,” she said.
I asked her to take me to his den library.
It was a room lined with books from floor to ceiling, lit by a bank of north light.
The room smelled of moths and even older thoughts eating the Turkish rug.

One book struck me the most…
It was by a man named Vladimir Nabokov,
Speak, Memory.

And it was the only possession of my father I brought back with me.

That evening I left her with her graying memories.
Upon our farewell she took the train back from Narita,
And I flew to San Francisco,
Over the Pacific Ocean, even deeper than a child’s imagination.

Mid-flight, in the dim cabin light, with sleeping passengers all around me,
All of us hurtling forty thousand feet above a dark ocean,
I opened the book to chapter 2,
And learned about the color of letters

-Iliad A. Terra

Aug 10

the color of words



So I imagine I’m the sad little boy and you’re the flower…
Fascinated as I’m with your light… and you fascinated with me looking at you?

Or should I imagine that I’m blessed with your beauty and you have imprisoned me…

Or perhaps you are alone and so you’ve learned to shine so that you can see me see you…

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re a sad little flower, the last flower on earth.

Perhaps we go round each other, you and me, me and you…
With love so true the world is new…
Alas, were it so…
So I sing you these words so blue.


Jul 10


Lion: ………….Emperor

Hawk:  ……….General

Wolf: …………..Hunter

Rabbit: ………..Pacifist

Serpent: ………Priest

Raven: …………Crier

Sheep: …………Masses

Act I

A terrace overlooking the promontory where war’s theater is forming.

Enters Lion


LION.  ‘Tis indeed the Witching hour.

HAWK.  Aye, your majesty.

LION.   War is but Foreign Policy,

This I have made a decree,

While some call it heresy –

RABBIT.  There are always alternatives.

Must we act as warmongers,

Always doom’s harbingers?

HAWK.  Such doom and gloom you speak.

Your hypocrisy renders you weak

While verily of blood you reek!

Art thou not “hawk” to the meek

Whose flesh you daily seek?

Your ill-formed council silent keep!

LION.  Do make haste, kind Rabbit,

Tell Raven to sound the trumpet,

And lay the crimson carpet,

Drenched for my Knights’ banquet

Served with Serpent’s blessed feast.

RABBIT.  Your Majesty.

Exits Rabbit


HAWK.   How shall we harness the carnage?

The sheep are still in bondage!

LION.  How your heart trembles,

Your resolute resolve crumbles.

Compose yourself at once

Before the war council assembles.

Have you forgotten of my dear friend

Hunting free beyond the river’s end?

Enters Wolf


LION.  Sir, to my humble court welcome.

The awaited moment hast come

To serve your beloved kingdom.

Return from your solitary quest,

And herd the sheep at my behest,

To my abattoir’s unquenchable lust.

The Raven shall cry your name thrice.

And for your noble act of sacrifice,

You shall name your deserved price.

WOLF.  Sire, you impress me with your graciousness,

But I devour streams of consciousness,

Which I hunt at the fringes of thy awareness.

To slaughter you lead your sheep, I witness;

Falsely borne on my noble name, such cowardice;

Yet to form you with my vision, indeed priceless!

LION.  My dear friend you speak in riddles,

Your logic my regal burden befuddles,

Yet your service is worthy of my highest medals.

I now thank thee, and take my leave,

Lest kind Rabbit in our accord meddles.

Exeunt Lion and Hawk


WOLF.  Hark, I stand alone upon this promontory,

Canst thou not hear the drums of history?

A lavish feast is the heart of this story.

-Iliad Alexander Terra