Jan 11

Jarring Loner?

Oh boy, here we go again with the triple names!  …another “Lee” — how I shudder at the formulaic pattern of phenomena.  Spiral vibrations coming full circle once more…

If you need further clues, read Shutter Island — do it!  And think of instruments of deployment!


Then ask yourself why is this man happy?

I suspect it has to do with a reflection.  Don’t you think?

A reflection of what has become of America, a nation looking at itself and seeing a jarring and contradictory image in the grips of absurd insanity and expansive trauma.

I further suspect that this is a watershed moment and a turning tide, a portentous epicenter with deepening aftershocks to come.

This man’s smile is a wound in the psyche of a nation groping in the dark, lying to itself; and unless we redirect the trajectory, I’m afraid it bodes ill for some time to come.

The airwaves are replete with deep outcries, finger-pointing, and blind panic; yet there is a tincture of self-awareness as if we’re caught in a dream, sleepwalking on the edge of a precipice and seeing that same precipice in the dream…

But the epic tragedy is that a nine-year-old child was slain!  Despite mass media’s focus elsewhere, the child’s death is the REAL story for a nation that has forgotten what it means to principally care for children.

While every action has consequence and every word has resonance, seldom do we note that every non-action is a void, a deafening cry in absence.

And so my heartfelt prayers for the safe journey of Christina Taylor-Green, and all children worldwide who fall voiceless through the looking glass…

Look deep no matter how hard it hurts,

Safe passage wherever you are.


Jul 10


Lion: ………….Emperor

Hawk:  ……….General

Wolf: …………..Hunter

Rabbit: ………..Pacifist

Serpent: ………Priest

Raven: …………Crier

Sheep: …………Masses

Act I

A terrace overlooking the promontory where war’s theater is forming.

Enters Lion


LION.  ‘Tis indeed the Witching hour.

HAWK.  Aye, your majesty.

LION.   War is but Foreign Policy,

This I have made a decree,

While some call it heresy –

RABBIT.  There are always alternatives.

Must we act as warmongers,

Always doom’s harbingers?

HAWK.  Such doom and gloom you speak.

Your hypocrisy renders you weak

While verily of blood you reek!

Art thou not “hawk” to the meek

Whose flesh you daily seek?

Your ill-formed council silent keep!

LION.  Do make haste, kind Rabbit,

Tell Raven to sound the trumpet,

And lay the crimson carpet,

Drenched for my Knights’ banquet

Served with Serpent’s blessed feast.

RABBIT.  Your Majesty.

Exits Rabbit


HAWK.   How shall we harness the carnage?

The sheep are still in bondage!

LION.  How your heart trembles,

Your resolute resolve crumbles.

Compose yourself at once

Before the war council assembles.

Have you forgotten of my dear friend

Hunting free beyond the river’s end?

Enters Wolf


LION.  Sir, to my humble court welcome.

The awaited moment hast come

To serve your beloved kingdom.

Return from your solitary quest,

And herd the sheep at my behest,

To my abattoir’s unquenchable lust.

The Raven shall cry your name thrice.

And for your noble act of sacrifice,

You shall name your deserved price.

WOLF.  Sire, you impress me with your graciousness,

But I devour streams of consciousness,

Which I hunt at the fringes of thy awareness.

To slaughter you lead your sheep, I witness;

Falsely borne on my noble name, such cowardice;

Yet to form you with my vision, indeed priceless!

LION.  My dear friend you speak in riddles,

Your logic my regal burden befuddles,

Yet your service is worthy of my highest medals.

I now thank thee, and take my leave,

Lest kind Rabbit in our accord meddles.

Exeunt Lion and Hawk


WOLF.  Hark, I stand alone upon this promontory,

Canst thou not hear the drums of history?

A lavish feast is the heart of this story.

-Iliad Alexander Terra

Jul 10

Axis Intersection!

Puppet master, puppet master won't you make me a puppet master?

At the intersection of State and Individual is a contract.  Any breach of this contract is violation of sovereign law.

We are sitting on the very throne, if only we believe it so — the power of positive thought will change the world — history is a malleable chimera to construct the élan of our trajectory.  Have faith — has not our convergence been decreed by divine providence thus far?

Although… I must forewarn that the higher we set our hopes and sights, the more ferocious doth the opposition, it seems to me, hunger to retaliate…  But nary a thought shall enter our hearts’ passion but to verily wage war…  Nothing is more beautiful than battle’s lust…when our quest is august!

Ready on the flanks?

Jul 10

A letter to a Genreal

I decided to take a break from writing

So I’ll write you a poem.

Now, I have been listening to this song on a loop for the past three hours as I sit here writing a letter to a General.

In the letter I’m asking the General to join the revolution and hold the Gadsden high, soaring point guard before his mighty army.

He shall receive my missive by moon’s adieu.

For you see, don’t you?

Danny Doyle ran through heather’s dew

And spied on Liberty dressing anew.

Now close your eyes darling, and walk with me, won’t you?

Don’t you see? Or you do?

Liberty dancing her black Irish jig

With her alabaster beauty

And her red auburn hair

Burning in the hearts of your men with daring-do.

-Iliad Alexander Terra

Jul 10

Bombastic vs. Inceptive warfare

The reason we have such bombastic chatter is, well, because nuclear armaments have now become obsolete vis-a-vis the more powerful “green” warfare devices.


these rivals have alternated violent attacks with bombastic speeches pompous, blustering, turgid, verbose, orotund, high-flown, high-sounding, overwrought, pretentious, ostentatious, grandiloquent; informal highfalutin, puffed up; rare fustian.



Perhaps the next phase of weapon systems will utilize dream state architecture and dream cities and dream spaces — destruction of flesh-based delusions is perhaps a thing of the past now… so let’s see what sort of Russian spices we can bring to the dinner gala…



Oh, and so I’ve started my summer reading…  Ayn and Blavatsky and of course Nabokov

Regarding Speak Memory, I have a tale to tell by summer’s end…

-Ilya Alexander Terra