Jul 10

An Architect’s Secret Handshake Wish

Folks, I just couldn’t help myself…

We architects tend to be pompous at times… but really, we’re mostly a helpless lot at best.  So what do we do?

We set out to transform the world to suit our lofty ambitions… oh how delightful now, the hapless world attends our divine benevolence!

I just produced a short video to help…well, Transform Architecture, right after launching Quantum Architecture under the umbrella of Masonic sponsorship, literally to found a new Utopic era!



Jul 10

Bombastic vs. Inceptive warfare

The reason we have such bombastic chatter is, well, because nuclear armaments have now become obsolete vis-a-vis the more powerful “green” warfare devices.


these rivals have alternated violent attacks with bombastic speeches pompous, blustering, turgid, verbose, orotund, high-flown, high-sounding, overwrought, pretentious, ostentatious, grandiloquent; informal highfalutin, puffed up; rare fustian.



Perhaps the next phase of weapon systems will utilize dream state architecture and dream cities and dream spaces — destruction of flesh-based delusions is perhaps a thing of the past now… so let’s see what sort of Russian spices we can bring to the dinner gala…



Oh, and so I’ve started my summer reading…  Ayn and Blavatsky and of course Nabokov

Regarding Speak Memory, I have a tale to tell by summer’s end…

-Ilya Alexander Terra

Jul 10

Germantown Earth Quake

0500 hrs:

LOL calls me, “did you feel it?”

“Feel what?”

“They have taken the bone marrow, sucked the crust dry, the earth is shuddering, bled – they are murdering Gia!!”

“Calm down LOL –“

“No!  This is insane! And they call Joe insane! Damn them, damn them all to the hell…they have created —  they have murdered our world…”

LOL was talking about the advent of the paradigm shift, the battlefront of the next flood, the quantum shift in the matrix of our illusions, controlled by the matrix masters.

0505 hrs:

I turn on the television, and there it is… Germantown, north of Potomac, caving in…  Thousands of folks are inundating the phone lines, clogging the emergency services, asking the “authorities” for help, comfort… etc.  all that mammalian Sheeple blah-bah-bah…

0800 hrs:

The President makes light of the quake during his BP Spill briefing at the White House.

“No, I did not feel a thing,” he chuckles.

Meanwhile, far above the earth, satellites are collecting Geomagnetic data, triangulating the progress of the Hollow Earth Mission, dubbed BP Oil Spill.

The mobile HAARP units are placed on active alert.  Deep Core Thermal Energy drilling has now entered its delta phase.

0810 hrs:

The Trilateral Commission filters and disseminates controlled leaks to the middle management during an impromptu press release at the C Hall of Council on Foreign Relations building a few blocks away.  My friend Anya is there to announce the speakers.

Somewhere off 47th street, Manhattan, top floor, non-descript, key Bilderberg directors maneuver their asset holdings and strategy for the axial shift portal of the galactic realignment.

They are briefed that the ignition of Saturn is now entering its final phase. 13 Downing Street is conducting the sat conference.  the young Merovingian prince is cloaked in a purple robe, he will be the 13th prince, the Aquarius challenger to Mahdi.

While our Sunday star is now entering its prolonged solar minimum cycle, the new Saturday Illuminati group will ignite Saturn as the new radiant source.  Currency must flow through the system.

Is Ra El battle is afoot?  Isis is still in command.   The bow-shot was 911, presided over by the Order of the 33rd Degree, as a mechanism of controlled social herding and conditioning in preparation for adapting to the new refined and evolved light energy index.

1400 hrs:

Valya is pissed off at the French fools!  As old as time… The French have always been a thorn on the side of the Russkies, but Italians are the Russian soul…

“Ilya, did you cause the quake?  Did you?  Tell me!”


Flesh must and will fade, the homeless have the force with them, the insane are the savants, their mind not imprisoned by the norm and structure of constructed delusions.

Zero-infinity hundred hours:

The place is now here / no where / center of there is here, all points have converged, as there was no point ever…

1+1 = 0,   no longer 1+1 will equal 3.  Beautiful duality collapses into monism.  The phone lines fall silent, the EMS services are rendered moot, the streets fade.  In a flash God…

In a flash, God recognizes itself as itself and the need to know itself ceases as there is no self to be known, and the cycle begins again only it never ever began.

Yet… there are two star-struck warriors, Valya and Ilya, now stars with radical motility, structuring light ray and sound wave energies into a new spiral RNA…  Creators of the true illuminated warriors…

-Iliad Alexander Terra

Jul 10


Today I sat with my Zen Master.

He told me a thing or two or three…

And then I got up,

And I wrote this blog.


Oh, I though I’d share this with you,

It all began here, not so very long ago…


Jul 10

Alfa Acht Rapture


Ladies and Gents,

The time has come

To say farewell…


It has been a ride

No doubt,

But all is not well…


So we invite you   click if you dare

To dance

And burn this world to hell…


And ignite the legacy

As prophesied,

Aquarius will foretell…


So trance

From alfa to infinity

And ring the new Dawn Bell.


-Iliad Alexander Terra