May 10


1 + 1 = 3

2 + 2 = 22


Turd / 3 = Third of a Turd


You’re being absurd?


May 10

Ohm’s Love = R’

Backdrop for Ohm's Episode Volume the Q

Ohm’s law states that V = IxR, where V is voltage, I is Current and R is Resistance.

If we further define Voltage as Potential, then we derive that Potential = IxR.

Thus, given a constant Current or I, we discover that the higher the value of Resistance, the greater the Potential.

Conversely, in order to achieve a higher Currency value, we must reduce Resistance, since I = V/R

What then is the relevance of Ohm’s Law to the individual and the social fabric?

Our lives have quantifiable Potential determined by the value of our Labor x Time.

Since electrical current flows through our bodies, supported by a constant cycle of consumption and exhaustion, we can identify each individual human as a dynamic energy unit, no different than a battery cell.

Thus the Potential of our lives flows at maximum value when resistance is at minimum.

This dynamic synergy with universal syntax, or union with divinity, is the optimum objective of inherent process.

However, as all natural resources are mined, a subversive and sinister mechanism has been devised to cultivate and harness the power of human potential.

This mechanism is the monetary currency, an abstract sleight of hand that has been exchanged for the value of human energy.

Thus, Currency will flow at maximum where Human Value or Potential is met with the least Resistance:  I = V/R.

This would still be in synergistic harmony were it not for one simple question:

Who controls Currency?

If Labor Resists who stands to lose?  The Currency masters do!

Now, in order for the Human unit to present the minimum value of resistance it must be programmed, pacified, educated and conditioned to offer the least resistance.

Should it still resist, it will be deemed unproductive and exterminated.  Thus, the objective of Currency masters is to utilize regulators and transformers to reduce and remove Resistance to the flow of Currency.  This will be achieved by force or by deception.

In synopsis:

Human + Being or Human (Hu) + Being (infinite or 8) = Hu8 = Infinitely flowing Potential Energy.

Therefore I = V/R

Where I = Currency

And V = Hu8 or Energy

And R’ = Revolution or Radiance or choice, impediment to the optimum flow of the masters’ Currency.

The new paradigm:  Radiance or R’ = VR/I

-Iliad Alexander Terra

The Q set for the Ohm Episode

Mar 10

Jig-saw dig…dig it?

A swig and a jig,

Betwixt Erin and Amber, and Sarah

Doing the Black Irish dig,

And the whole world goes topsy-turvy

On clouds made of green cotton-candy

-Iliad Terra

Amber In Pink

Amber in Pink

Black Irish Qweens

Black Irish Queens

     Erin in Tel Aviv with Sarah's grace

Erin in Tel Aviv with Sarah's grace

Feb 10

A snowy school-night lullaby



The world has grown old

And tired, and soon will fold.


Where once stood men who were bold

Now whisper catacombs filled with corpses and mold.


We used to be warm with dreams of fires where stories were told

But now shiver in ashes and gray skies and nothing but cold.


To what daemon have we our precious souls so carelessly sold

When once we were heroes made so valiantly of gold?


Yet, how tender as all the school kids across town cheered, behold!

When the snow monster over our jeweled city rolled.



Dec 09

Harpooing the Beluga

Harpooning a Beluga

Harpooning a Beluga

How my mid wanders…

December 16th 2009

I’m busy developing a modern version of Diogenes wandering though the ruins of today…

So as I type on my broken laptop, Betsy, my neighbor, drops in for a hello. She’s a fellow artist, restrained and cute, wondering if… We chat about the bourgeois reminisce…but we both see the veneer, refreshingly self-aware in our own reconcile.

A bit later Socrates comes by for a hello. We chat about animal sentience and intra-species dialogue.

We talk about mycelium organisms spanning the subsoil of large forests, huge gigantic creatures existing on a completely different algorithm, and we discuss how forests are intelligent and unified organisms…

Then, he points me to the Norway “Spiral” right before Obama’s peace award…

So I dig in…

A quick Google and I discover a piece of dis-half-info attributing the spiral to a Bulava launch having gone wry…

But I remember Dimitri talking about HAARP, so I plug that tidbit in…

And of course, I remember that Dr. Lin, my highly efficient NOAA roommate, had mentioned the other day something about stratospheric detonations and atmospheric engineering taking place on multiple levels ever since the late ‘50’s – “most are classified,” he had said sheepishly! Oh, how fun!

Hmmm, so then I calculate in Copenhagen and its spokesman, Al, and the debacle that it has now become, especially with the police batons beating up unarmed protesters? And the hired goons labeled with the NWO triangle on their uniforms? Hmmm…

So then I discover that there’s a HAARP outpost right there in Tromsø, Norway… right along the coast of White Sea…

Ok, so then at this point my brain clicks and clacks all over the place – I’m scampering for that tinfoil hat for real! – I factor in the “successful” launch of the Sajjil-2! um, as a provocative gesture…

Oh boy, could it be that the Bulava was also a “provocative” gesture by the Russkies right before POTUS received his award for peace, er, prior to declaring war and increased troop levels?

And maybe HAARP sent that bad puppy spiraling right out of commission?

What would Diogenes tell Alexander, I wonder… A sign in the sky? Oh, how delightful is this chess game! Indeed…

-Iliad Alexander Terra